Types of leak problems

Sometimes leakages occur at your home yet you aren’t sure of the leakage source. At Twin Home Experts, we provide both commercial & residential leak detection in and around Los Angeles. Our professionals have gathered a wide range of expertise in the plumbing field with thousands of successfully installed and repaired piping systems. For any emergency service, we are available 24/7; just give us a call and we’ll be happy to serve.

Detecting the leak source

For an ordinary homeowner, detecting the source of water/ sewage leakage can be a difficult task. If you happen to note the leakage source, it’s advisable to mark the location in case of any then call us as soon as possible. Some of the leakage signs are; noisy running water, mildew or moisture under carpets, cracks on the floors & walls, hotspots on the floor, exaggerated water bills or a foul odor in your home.
Leak Detection Techniques

Infrared leak-detection method- Our experts use the infrared light technique to see beneath the floors and through the walls. Ultrasonic detection- This is a sound technology used to measure variation & sound loss in between pipes; this helps to detect the leakage source.Video camera detection- This a leak inspection method used often by our plumbing experts. In this method, a video camera is brought down to the pipes where photos & videos can be used to show the source of the leak. The images obtained from the exercise helps the homeowner to understand the state of the problem which eases the repair options.Smoke detection- This is the final option used for detecting leak sources. Clean & harmless smoke is pumped into the piping system which eventually escapes at the source of the problem. This allows the plumbing experts to find and seal the leak.