I had some emergency flash flood in the middle of the night and called this company’s hotline. The emergency unit responded within 20 minutes where they drained the floor & opened the walls to minimize damages. The service men were very patient, friendly and helpful throughout the restoration process. This company made me smile after the service, I couldn’t be any happier. Thanks, Avner. **** Our toilet pipe leaked for months and caused the water bills to jump drastically. Avner Emergency Restoration came over and handled the mess on our hallway and master bedroom. This included mold abatement, tile and hardwood removal and walls clean up. The team also cleaned the beams underneath our home that was a real mess. They kept us posted on their every move and this was a kind of stressful process for us. We moved out of our home for about 2 weeks and let them do the job comfortably and freely. We trusted them and they paid back the respect as they stick to their chores and delivered an excellent job. This company is the best I have ever worked with.

I hired the TEAM PRO RESTORATION team to work on my toilet pipe that was leaking beneath the walls. I was referred by a close friend and after the service; I felt happy with their services. The prices were quite accommodative; I highly recommend their services.

My experience at TEAM PRO RESTORATION was worth the real deal. Their services were exemplary with responsive and courteous servicemen. My mold infestation has been a headache in my home due to the unnoticed water damage. The team did relatively inexpensive repairs and it was such a relief. The quick response couldn’t be any better; I really recommend the Avner services. **** We had a shower leak at our home and our insurance company sent the TEAM PRO RESTORATION for some repair services. They were professional and friendly in their line of duty. Their wall and tile demo was fast and barely noticeable. The mold infestation had some foul smell around the house plus my husband is very allergic to mold. We were safe and comfortable in our home after the service; their services were all we needed.

My home pipe had been leaking for some time before I could realize the water damage. Avner at the TEAM PRO RESTORATION was my first option. I approached them and they were quick to respond with their reliable services.